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An article by Helen Storey on Wonderland appeared in the December 2008 issue of Vogue.

“Science is slow; justifiably, it deals in life and death. Fashion is fast; it reflects our life enhancing appetite for the new and advancement. To work across the two requires the ability to simultaneously hold both urgency and patience in ones heart and mind to follow the Lewis Carroll theme, I am less Alice, more White rabbit; dashing between industries and disciplines you may well hear me muttering under my breath “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date, no time to say hello, goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” Extract from ‘My Chemical Romance’ by Helen Storey, Vogue Dec 2008

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The Colourist Autumn 2008 Technical Textiles, Wonderland Project

i-D Magazine July 2008 issue:
Triggering the future by Caryn Franklin

Sheffield Telegraph 27 June 2008:
Wonderland Creations by Ian Soutar: >> read article online

The Observer 24 February 2008:
Plastic Bags Fashioned into Clothes by Juliette Jowit

Vogue Online 20 February 2008:
Vanishing Act by Jessica Bumpus >> read article online

Newsweek 15 October 2007:
Just Stay Out of The Rain by Linda Stern

The Daily Telegraph 19 January 2007:
Dissolvable dress height of throwaway fashion by Roger Highfield >> read article online

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BBC2 Northern Ireland, 27 October 2008,
repeated BBC1 Northern Ireland, 29 October 2008

Festival Nights

BBC regional news 18 June 2008:
Look North, Kersti Mitchell

BBC Radio Sheffield 18 June 2008:
Toby Foster Breakfast Show

BBC Radio 4 19 June 2008:
Material World with Quentin Cooper >>Listen again

The Guardian 4 March 2008:
Environment Weekly Podcast by Alison Benjamin >> download

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Creative Intelligence, WGSN trend and style blog 8 November 2008
Helen Storeys’ extraordinary fashion by Juliet Warkentin >> read article online

BBC News, Northern Ireland 7 October 2008:
Disposable society melting away >>read article online

WGSN (leading online trend and research provider to fashion, design and style industries) 11 March 2008:
Wonderland: the disappearing dress by Sarah Dennis

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  workshop image: photo Kamina Walton
photo - Alex Maguire

workshop image: photo Kamina Walton
photo - Alex Maguire

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