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Document break. Wonderland in Belfast: Ormeau Baths Gallery, 8 October – 8 November 2008. For more information please see the Wonderland in Belfast page

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Science inspires art. Art inspires activism.
Start here. In Sheffield
Wonderland Sheffield ran in a city wide event between 18 June – 13 July, Wonderland appeared at:

Meadowhall, The Lower Arcade: 'Plastic is Precious' - Five Dresses disappeared over 26 days.
Botanical Gardens, Clarkehouse Road: 'Many small things' - Bottles turned to flowers. In the Marnock Garden.
Millennium Gallery, Arundel Gate: 'The story unfolds' - Imaginatively inspired floor graphics were installed.
University of Sheffield: 'Thinking off the wall'- Public Information at the Richard Roberts Building, Brook Hill. Daily

Coming Soon - Wonderland in Belfast: Ormeau Baths Gallery, October 7th - November 9th

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Welcome to our first dedicated Education micro site.
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Here we have tried to illustrate for teachers and educational professionals the best of our Wonderland educational activities over the last 3 years. The Wonderland exhibition in Sheffield has now come to a close and the results and feedback from the education days will be uploaded in readiness for Wonderland visiting Belfast between 8 October and 8 November 2008.

Wonderland is the fourth Art/Science project undertaken by Helen Storey Foundation. It is a collaboration between Tony Ryan, Scientist at University of Sheffield, Trish Belford, textile Designer, Interface, University of Ulster and Helen Storey, artist and designer. It is a core aim of the Wonderland project, which began by examining possible solutions for packaging and sustainability issues, that the work should instigate public response and suggest educational projects for schools and higher education. In 2008 Wonderland is a three city tour which began in London (29 January - 29 February) continued to Sheffield (18 June – 13 July) and will travel to Belfast (8 October – 8 November).

The Helen Storey Foundation manages Wonderland. HSF is a not for profit, project funded arts organisation, and is the instigator and main cultural partner on the Wonderland project. The Creative Director and co-founder, is renowned former fashion designer Helen Storey. Caroline Coates has worked with Helen for over two decades and is co-founder and Production Director. For the last ten years the Foundation has been at the forefront of the art and science interface, instigating novel cross disciplinary works, and visual art touring exhibitions, many of which have been award winning cultural hybrids. These projects have toured the world, and aim to provoke and stir the imagination of audiences, as well as explore the human condition. All projects have an educational dimension and aim to have societal and cultural impact. Do feel free to contact us with any ideas or comments you have, please contact us directly at [email protected]

Here you will find information for Art & Science teachers and students which we provided in advance of the Wonderland Sheffield exhibition to support visits to the sites, ongoing resources and lesson plans that use Wonderland as a starting point and results and images from the education days at London College of Fashion and from Sheffield. If you plan to visit Wonderland in Belfast we hope this site will help you gain the most out of your visit. If you visited the Sheffield exhibition we hope you will feel free to send in your own lesson plans and any results from work that you do in response to Wonderland.

Click here for a downloadable information sheet on Wonderland

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  dissolving dress, london college of fashion: photo - Alex Maguire
Dissolving dress, London College of Fashion: photo - Alex Maguire

workshop image: photo Kamina Walton
Workshop: photo - Kamina Walton
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