Wonderland by H.Storey and T.Ryan; with Interface (University of Ulster).
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Photo of detail from one of the fabrics - fine gauze with spidery adhesions.

Over the past three years scientist Professor Tony Ryan, University of Sheffield, and artist and designer Professor Helen Storey, London College of Fashion, have worked together to create real solutions for a more sustainable world.

The Wonderland exhibition brings together the worlds of art and science. By working together, Ryan and Storey have been able to use their different backgrounds to spark new ideas on the application of science and discover practical solutions to current ethical issues.

This unique exhibition is a showcase of talent, imagination and creativity and will be shown in a Sheffield citywide event between 18 June and 13 July 2008.

The project has developed a number of products, in varying stages of completion. The exhibition in Sheffield will demonstrate two of these: dissolving bottles and disappearing dresses.

Dissolving bottles
The dissolving bottles, to be shown at the city’s Botanical Gardens, are an exploration of intelligent packaging. Once finished with, the bottles dissolve under hot water to form a gel in which seeds can be grown. The concept could revolutionise the packaging industry and aims to highlight issues surrounding waste plastic.

Disappearing dresses
The disappearing dresses will be on show at Meadowhall Shopping Centre. They are made from dissolving textiles designed Trish Belford at Interface, at the University of Ulster. The material dissolves in water, creating vibrant underwater fireworks. The dresses will be hung from scaffolds and gradually lowered into giant goldfish bowls of water. The exhibition questions the environmental sustainability of our current fashion industry and what happens to used clothing.

Events and exhibitions will also be held at Sheffield’s Millennium Galleries and the University of Sheffield.

photo - Alex Maguire
Close-up photograph of one of the fabrics designed for the project.
Photograph of detail from one of the fabrics used in the project.

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photo - Alex Maguire
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